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I get lost in this dreamland [Apr. 7th, 2004|10:04 pm]
the young ones
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |strawberry gashes | Jack Off Jill]

1. What's your name? Yami...(nickname)
2. How old are you? fifteen
3. Are you out? if you mean closet then no
4. What do look for in a person? Someone, Fun, out-going, but not to an extreme, doesn't get frustrated with shyness, wouldn't mind being the "protected" once in a while. ^_~
5. What don't you like in a person?
6. Do you date long distance? yes, If I really care for them
7. Do you have an online picture? no, but I will soon.


well, I'm really kind of confused as to what my sexuality is, I don’t really prefer a gender over the over so maybe...I'm bisexual? I just believe love is love, why should it matter. If I meet, a girl and I fall in love with her, wonderful! If I fall for a guy, that’s wonderful to...as long as there’s love and trust...it’s all we need.

A girl who I'm best friends with (over the internet) showed me its okay to be who you are...that’s when I found out that’s I'm bi and I owe much to her....

And Funny she was/is my first crush...She actually ask me out when she comes down....I said yes, because I like her so much. really I think I might love her...she said she liked me too....but today I found out on her journal she's dating a girl...but not just one...but two! They decided to go out together....god, I felt so stupid.....but I still like her.

Maybe someday she'll like me as much as I like her.

But I've never dated before or been kissed *blushes* Random I know, plus I scare guys and girls away, they dont really care for goths, not much goths that are nice here in Florida, but I'm nice!! ~_~ I stay be myself much of the time...but I'm homeschooled..but you know, how protective parents are...speaking of them...I could never tell them what I believe or am...they would shone me...I know....All they think is that’s its wrong and its a sin...yes their Christians but so am I...at least I think....Ack I'm just so confused! >< I just wish the fog would clear.....

But, I like Drawing, writing, Animes. yaoi!! muhehe, Yuri, manga.

My favorite music bands are....AFI, Jack off Jill,Blink 182,Real Big fish, Sugercult,Savage Garden,Evanesceence,Cold, Disturb, Coldplay,Korn,Three doors down,system of the down, yeah yeah yeahs, linken park, the darkness, switchfoot,nickleback, trapt, no doubt, Tori Amos. and anime music too ^_~

Long Entrie sorry!

Btw-My journal's Friends only...so if you want to be friends with me just comment and I'll add ya! *gives everyone cookies and plushies*

I hope when you read that, I'll still be welcome here. *big chibi eyes*