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1. What's your name?Chris 2. How old are you?15 3. Are you out?To… - The Younger Ones [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Dec. 24th, 2004|09:26 pm]
the young ones


1. What's your name?Chris
2. How old are you?15
3. Are you out?To everyone except my family and I am sure a few other people don't know im my school but I don't care if they know or not.
4. What do look for in a person? humor, nice to me and mean to stupid people, if I get off task on something he can get me back on unless its him who took me off, very very open minded, loves music, plays an instrument or sings, knows how to have a good time.
5. What don't you like in a person?stupidity(did I even spell that right?), asshole to me, treats me wrong, ignores me, smoking or drugs I only don't like smoking because it makes your breathe stink, I don't mind drinking but if your an angry drunk and you still drink thats a no-no.
6. Do you date long distance? I would if I liked the person alot and got to know them.
7. Do you have an online picture?nope, sorry.

Wow I put the word "me" up there alot. Oh well. If you want to contact me all me IM info is on my info page. But I don't get on aim much so if you add me on there you might want to tell me so I get on. But I am on yahoo and msn all the time.